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The Correct Way to Send LinkedIn Message Requests

updated on 14 Feb 2024
First impressions matter in the real world. Why would it be any different for the world of LinkedIn?

First impressions are equally important on LinkedIn. Most influential people have 1000s of connection requests lying in their inbox - left unopened and ignored.

That is why yours needs to stand out in a sea of empty connection requests. Think of them as the first impression you are leaving on the receiver. Like they say - dress to impress, and for LinkedIn - write to express.

Hop on as we share tips and templates to correct how you craft and send LinkedIn message requests.

What is a LinkedIn Connection request?

Sending introductory texts to other LinkedIn users is a great way to build professional connections and expand your network. These texts are called LinkedIn connection messages. They serve as conversation starters, giving you the chance to introduce yourself and give the other person a reason to want to do business with you.

Writing good message requests on LinkedIn can help you connect with more people and build a strong network.

1] How to send a LinkedIn message to connect?

Find the profile of the person you want to connect with. Click "Connect," but don't send yet! Tap "Add a note" to personalize your message.
Show you've done your research: Mention how you found them (mutual connection, event, search). Find common ground: Highlight a shared experience, skill, or interest. Keep it concise and clear. Proofread and send.

customizing your invitation

2] Why should you use LinkedIn message requests?

LinkedIn messages are a great way to make a solid first impression, introduce yourself, expand your network and explore new opportunities for yourself. Here’s why -

1] Introduce Yourself to Like-minded Professionals

LinkedIn message requests are a great way to connect with like-minded individuals. You can connect to people of the same industry as yours, or people doing work you admire in other spheres. These serve as a great way to say hello, make connections and build relationships.

2] Expand Your Network

If you are building a product or offering a service, connection requests are a good way to expand your network base. You can connect with potential consumers, clients, ask for feedback or simply ask for advice from individuals offering a similar service. It also allows you to stay on top of the latest trends in your industry.

3] Explore & Share New Opportunities

Looking for a job? Or hiring for one? LinkedIn connections are a good way to reach out to potential recruiters or get in touch with potential employees

How to Write a Good LinkedIn Connection Request Message?

These are the few basics one needs to keep in mind when sending a connection request message.

4 tips for writing a linkedin connection request note

1] Make it Personal

The first thing to remember when attempting to connect with someone on LinkedIn is that everything is personal. It's just like meeting someone new at a party or networking event. You must make an outstanding first impression while also quickly identifying common ground and establishing a real relationship.

For example -
Hey Ram! This is Sid, Founder at HealthUp. It was great meeting you at the Delhi Startup Summit. Your panel on ‘Scaling e-commerce startups in Tier 2- Tier 3 cities’ was truly insightful. I’d love to connect with you and chat more about the topic!

This example has a simple introduction, and adds a personalisation to the message.

2] Establish a connection

Your LinkedIn message request should feel handwritten, and should establish a connection. You can share where you first met the individual, how you came across their profile or compliment them on a recent post or achievement. When we establish a connection, the message becomes more personalised to the individual. One is more likely to read and revert on a message that tugs at them.

Refer to the example above. The template clearly mentions where the individuals met. Sid also compliments Ram about his talk at the summit where they first met.

3] It should be concise

LinkedIn message requests have a default limit of 300 characters - which is approximately 50 to 80 words. LinkedIn urges users to keep these requests short and to-the-point. Do not go into depth by explaining what you do or what your company does. Your LinkedIn message should contain only 4 things - introduction, personalisation, reason for connection and a call-to-action.

For example -
Hello Jash, I was a junior of yours at IIT Mumbai. I have been following your work with your AI startup ConnectAI for the last year. I am really impressed by it and am deeply interested in learning more about what your company does. I’d love to connect and share synergies.

Thank you so much,
Rita Chandwani

4] It should be have a CTA

Most people make the mistake of ending their message requests with only ‘Let’s connect!’. While this is the simplest way to do it, if your LinkedIn request has a strong call-to-action, others are more likely to not just accept your request but also revert back.

Some examples of good actionable CTAs are -
i. Let’s get coffee some time.
ii. Can we get on a call to discuss?
iii. Would be great to meet and share ideas.

5] What NOT to do?

These are some common mistakes you should keep in mind when writing a message note.

i. Don’t directly click ‘Connect’ without adding a note.
ii. Don’t use a bot to send requests. Add a personal touch to them.
iii. Do not send a generic request without reviewing their profile.

A Generic LinkedIn Connection Request Message Template

This is a LinkedIn template you can customise to reach out to people you want to add to your network

Hello ! This is . I loved your post on 'LinkedIn Cold Outreach Templates' and wanted to share that I found your tips great. I shall be using them for my userbase. It'd be great to learn more insights from you. Let me know if we can chat! Thank you.

Remember, LinkedIn at the end of the day, is a social media platform. It is meant for you to make connections. You should not be afraid of putting yourself out there or reaching out to people who will benefit your professional journey. Use our templates to expand your network like a pro.

If you need help improving your LinkedIn profile with valuable, informative posts, you should give our LinkedIn Post Generator a try.

Keep connecting, keep growing!

FAQS About LinkedIn Message Requests

1] How to add a note to a LinkedIn Connection request?

Adding a personalized note to your LinkedIn connection request is a great way to stand out and increase the chances of your request being accepted. Navigate to the desired profile. Find the profile of the person you want to connect with and click on the "Connect" button. Click "Add a note". Click on that to open the message field. Craft your message. Keep your note concise (around 300 characters), professional, and personalized.

2] What to write when sending a LinkedIn message request?

Introduce yourself, establish a connection to the individual, state what made you reach out and invite them to connect. Refer to our message template for a detailed example.

3] How many LinkedIn requests can one send?

There is no maximum limit to the number of connection requests you can send on LinkedIn. However, LinkedIn has put a weekly limit on the number of request you can send. One can send around 100-200 requests per week.
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