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How to share your LinkedIn Profile in 2024?

updated on 18 Feb 2024
Welcome to the year of LinkedIn branding. Did you know that almost 75% of recruiters go through your LinkedIn profile at least once before even giving you that first call?

Now, more than ever, it is important to share your LinkedIn profile URL everywhere that matters.

Updating your LinkedIn URL has become a must from your resume to your email signature.

In this guide, we are diving into how to share your LinkedIn profile and the best formats of sharing it via PC or mobile. Read on!

How do I share my LinkedIn Profile link?

Method 1: Sharing LinkedIn Profile Link on PC

This method allows you to copy your LinkedIn page URL on PC in 3 simple steps.

STEP 1: Login to your LinkedIn profile. You shall see the ‘Home’ page. Click on the ‘View Profile’ button.

View Profile button.

STEP 2: You shall be able to see your LinkedIn profile URL at the top of the page, in the browser address bar. Simply copy the URL and it is ready to share.


Method 2: Sharing LinkedIn Profile Link On Phone

This method is a rundown of where you can access your LinkedIn URL on the LinkedIn App on your phone.

STEP 1: Open the LinkedIn app on your phone. It shall open up on your ‘Home’ feed. The top left corner of your ‘Home’ page shall have your profile picture. Click on the profile circle.

STEP 2: A dropdown Menu shall appear. Click on the ‘View Profile’ option below your display picture at the top of the menu.

sharing linkedin profile on linkedin

STEP 3: Click on the 3 dots beside the “Add Section’ button. A list of options for sharing your profile shall pop-up. Simply click on the ‘Share via’ option.

STEP 4: The ‘Share via’ option shall allow you to copy the URL to your profile and give you instant access to share on the messaging app of your choice.

share profile button

How do I edit my LinkedIn Profile link?

Editing your LinkedIn profile link is a savvy customization that helps your profile look polished and easily conveys what you’ve got to offer.

For example, if you are a designers, your LinkedIn URL can simply say ‘www.linkedin.com/in/xyzdesigns’

Here’s how you can edit your LinkedIn profile URL

STEP 1: Open your LinkedIn Account on your web browser. Login and click on the ‘Me’ section and go to ‘View Profile’

STEP 2: On the right-hand side, you shall be able to view your ‘Public Profile & URL’. Click on the edit option beside it. You shall now be able to edit your custom LinkedIn profile URL.

An interesting LinkedIn URL clearly communicates the product/services you offer. You can personalise it according to your preferences.

edit your linkedin profile url

Where can I share my LinkedIn Profile link?

Sharing your LinkedIn profile link is a handy way to share your professional profile with recruiters, business associates, acquaintances and connections. It serves as a quick way to introduce someone to your professional journey and give them a bird’s eye view of your career, your interests, your alma mater and the businesses and programs you are associated with.

You can share your LinkedIn profile URL here:

FAQS About Sharing Your LinkedIn Profile URL

1] How to share my LinkedIn profile link?

There are several ways! Copy it directly from your browser bar, share it through LinkedIn's "Share Profile" feature. Make sure to include it in your email signature, website, and social media bios. Customize your URL for easy remembering too!

2] How to customize my LinkedIn profile URL?

On the Homepage feed, click "Me" > "View Profile" > "Edit Public Profile & URL". Edit the "Custom URL" text box & save!

3] Should I share my LinkedIn profile on my socials?

Sharing your LinkedIn on socials amplifies your professional reach. It attracts new connections, boosts visibility for opportunities, and establishes you as a thought leader in your field. Think of it as a digital handshake, building your brand across platforms!
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