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How To Write a LinkedIn Recommendation in 2024

updated on 09 Feb 2024
Did you know that a LinkedIn recommendation can increase the chances of your profile getting shortlisted for a job?

Why? Because it means that individuals you have worked with can vouch for you. It builds trust, shows employability, and showcases exactly why people liked managing or working with you.

Writing a LinkedIn recommendation for a coworker can be a simple and effective approach to assist their professional development. However, writing a LinkedIn recommendation takes a lot of work. What exactly does one say? Figuring out how to write one that is specific, honest, concise, and compelling is not always simple.

How do LinkedIn Recommendations work?

Recommendations are technically affirmations of a LinkedIn connection's features, talents, or characteristics, and they can help boost the professionalism of their profile.

Writing recommendations for your connections strengthen your network and can increase your own profile credibility.

However, they might be difficult to do right. LinkedIn recommendations are public; they display on both the profile of the person you're writing about and your own.

This implies that anybody who visits your website can read what you said about your boss, employee, or client, thus recommendations might reveal as much about the writer as the subject.

So, there's a lot to consider when creating a recommendation.

How to request a LinkedIn recommendation?

You can ask for a LinkedIn recommendation from a fellow employee, client or manager or simply a LinkedIn connection who can vouch for your work.

Visit the ‘More’ section on your connection’s LinkedIn profile. The dropdown menu with contain - ‘Request a recommendation’ and ‘Recommend’ option. Use to write or request a LinkedIn recommendation

Remember to request recommendations only from people who you know will add valuable and professional feedback to your profile. Recommendations are public and play an integral role in building the impression your LinkedIn profile leaves on a stranger who is checking out your profile.

How to write a LinkedIn recommendation?

Writing a LinkedIn recommendation for a colleague, senior or a friend is a great way of showing appreciation for their work ethic and talent. Genuine recommendations can make someone’s day and also add value to their LinkedIn profile

A format of writing a formal LinkedIn recommendation for a colleague, employee, senior or connection

Here’s how to write a LinkedIn recommendation and everything you should keep in mind while writing one:

1] Start the LinkedIn recommendation by explaining your relationship

How do you know this person? It is the easiest way to establish an introduction and explain your connect to the individual. It lays the ground for why the recommendation you are going to give further on is credible and valuable. You should explain the nature of your relationship with the person, how you met them and how long you have worked with them.

For example - “Swati is a passionate and fun-loving person that I had the pleasure of sitting beside at our time in Collabera Infrastructure for 5 years. Together, we ideated and led…..”

2] Describe details about the person’s designation & role

Give an overview of the roles and responsibilities the individual. It can be a simple sentence describing their scope of work and designation.

For example - “Swati was the Head of Public Relations and was at the core of ideating and executing offline as well as online PR campaigns for our real estate projects.”

3] Give passionate feedback regarding their skills and work ethic

You are recommending someone. Naturally, you need to sound supportive and deeply appreciative in your recommendation. Give detailed feedback about the skills and morals that make them the best at what they do. You can mention instances and projects where they performed well.

For example - “Swati has a deep understanding of the PR landscape and how to leverage it to achieve business objectives. She crafted and executed PR campaigns that generated significant media coverage and brand awareness for Collabera Infrastructure. She has always been enthusiastic and tackles all problems with a smile. Her motivation for her work and dedication is commendable.”

4] Describe what you love about working with them

You should also mention what makes them a great addition to the team. While information regarding their professional skills can be enough, adding a personal touch and including what makes a person a great individual to work with is a good way to communicate how they are a well-rounded individual. It’s 2024, kindness is super cool.

For example - “Swati is not only a dependable colleague but also a great friend. In her time here, she quickly became a great mentor for all new interns and guided them to secure full-time jobs at the firm.”

5] End with a note on why you recommend them

Talk about why they would be a great hire. Mention their strengths again and drive the point home on why you are recommending them to others. You can also end with a best of luck greeting. This serves as a simple yet great conclusion to the recommendation.

For example - “In her 5 years with me, I have seen her grow her skills exceptionally. She is a team-player, highly dependable and goal-oriented. She would be a great addition to any team. Kudos to Swati! ”

Here are some LinkedIn recommendation templates you can refer to when writing a recommendation for a fellow colleague, employer, manager or employee P.S, you can bookmark our blog and visit anytime to access these templates.

Writing a LinkedIn Recommendation for a Colleague

Jay is a true powerhouse! We worked on Sales together for XYZ firm. From day one, he impressed me with his dedication to "crushing it" (his words!). Whether it's tackling complex clients, mentoring newbies, or bringing an infectious enthusiasm to every sales meeting, Jay gives it his all. He dives deep into challenges, isn't afraid to ask insightful questions, and always finds innovative solutions. In his first year alone, Jay topped the Sales record for 4 consecutive months. But Jay's brilliance isn't limited to work. He's also a master organizer, planning epic team outings and keeping us all connected outside the office. Working with Jay is like having a cheerleader, a problem-solver, and a friend all rolled into one. If you're looking for someone who brings energy, expertise, and a genuine passion for what they do, look no further than Jay! You won't be disappointed.

Writing a LinkedIn Recommendation for a Senior

As someone who had recently switched careers to Influencer Marketing, I was a little lost. But then I met Radhika, and let me tell you, she's a rock! Even though she wasn't my direct manager, Radhika bent over backwards to help me learn the ropes. She patiently explained even the most basic things, answered my endless questions (seriously, endless!), and made sure I truly got the hang of it. Thanks to her guidance, I went from a clueless newbie to leading influencer collaborations effortlessly. Whether you're looking for a teammate, collaborator, manager, or just someone who genuinely cares about your growth, Radhika's the person. I can't recommend her highly enough!

Writing a LinkedIn Recommendation for a Manager

I had the pleasure of being managed by Neha at WriteABC. She’s the best content lead I have ever had. From day one, she's fostered a positive and supportive environment where everyone thrives. She’s also introduced me to some of my favourite books. Her enthusiasm is contagious, and she has a knack for setting clear goals that make you feel empowered, not overwhelmed. Deadlines are fair, and she's always there to guide and adjust when needed. Neha truly takes the time to understand her team, celebrating individual strengths and offering personalized support. She encourages open communication, making everyone feel comfortable sharing ideas and voicing concerns. Her problem-solving skills are top-notch, and she approaches challenges with creativity and a collaborative spirit. I'm grateful to have learned and grown under Neha's leadership, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking for an exceptional manager who genuinely cares about their team's success.

Writing a LinkedIn Recommendation for an Employee

I managed Sam for the past 3 years! During his time on my team, I have been consistently impressed by his technical skills, work ethic, and positive attitude. Sam possesses a strong understanding of Java principles and frameworks. He consistently delivers high-quality code that is well-structured, modular, and easy to maintain. He is also proficient in various testing tools and methodologies, ensuring the reliability and performance of his work. Beyond technical expertise, Sam is a valuable team player. He actively collaborates with colleagues, offering insights and readily assisting others. Sam is also a proactive learner and always stays updated with the latest Java technologies. He is receptive to feedback and is always open to learning and improving. Overall, Sam is an exceptional Java Developer who would be an asset to any team. He is a highly-skilled, reliable, and motivated individual with a strong team spirit. I highly recommend him for any Java development role.

FAQs About Writing a LinkedIn Recommendation

1] How to request a LinkedIn recommendation?

Navigate to the profile of the connection you want to ask for. Click the "More" button (three dots) near their name or profile picture. Select "Request a recommendation."

2] How to write a LinkedIn recommendation?

Navigate to the profile of the connection you want to write for. Click the "More" button (three dots) near their name or profile picture. Select "Recommend." Follow our templates to create a great recommendation.

3] How to delete a LinkedIn recommendation you gave someone?

Go to your profile and click "Edit" on the recommendations section. Switch to the "Given" tab. Find the recommendation you want to delete and click "Delete." Confirm the deletion.

4] How to delete a LinkedIn recommendation you gave someone?

Unfortunately, you cannot directly delete the recommendations others give you.However, you can hide the recommendation from your profile; Go to your profile and click "Edit" on the recommendations section. Switch to the "Received" tab. Find the recommendation you want to hide and toggle the switch to "Off."
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