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A Blueprint to Create Engaging Content on LinkedIn

updated on 15 Nov 2023

Have you ever wondered - ‘how do viral LinkedIn influencers come up with LinkedIn post ideas?

There’s two types of posts on LinkedIn:
1. The kind that make you STOP and read
2. The kind that you nonchalantly scroll past
So what really makes a post ‘scroll-stopping’? We analysed our feeds so you don’t have to.

But before we dive into strategies that can improve your LinkedIn content strategy, here’s a blueprint of the four pillars a well-crafted, thoughtful and informative LinkedIn post can be built on.

[Make sure to save this blueprint for future use!]
LinkedIn Post Outline and Format

1. Create the perfect LinkedIn hook headline

Your title should have a solid hook - it can be surprising, funny, alarming or even negative. As long as it catches attention and intrigues the reader, it will hook the reader.

2.Relatable LinkedIn posts get maximum engagement.

Shared experiences connect people instantly. Lines like “At my first job…” or “My last millionaire client” or “My current employer helped me pay my student loans” have a “ME” element in them. People also love learning and getting inspired from other people. Adding one relatable sentence to your post can do wonders.

3. Your LinkedIn captions should provide value

‘How to tips’ or “tricks”, basically knowledge that can help provide actual value to the reader can make your content more popular.

4. And the best LinkedIn posts have a solid CTA

Your engagement can improve 3X more if you start ending your posts with an actionable CTA. Something as simple as “Share your thoughts in the comments below” encourages readers to become a part of the conversation.

AI-generated LinkedIn Post imagined for Elon Musk’s LinkedIn account to explain that an engaging LinkedIn post has a proper hook, offers value, invokes emotions and has a strong call-to-action
Take a look at this post we created reimagining how Elon Musk would talk on LinkedIn. It checks all boxes -
- It has a gripping hook
- It has a touch of humour
- It has a solid CTA
- And it adds value

So naturally, you would think - what kind of LinkedIn content doesn’t work?

The kind that is -

1. Too long and boring to read
2. All fluff and no real value
3. Formatting that makes it hard to read
4.Copy-paste content

You need to forget endless scrolls of dry reports and sales pitches. You know the kind: LinkedIn posts that lull you to a nap rather than fire you up. LinkedIn posts that work all have a few secret ingredients.

If you need a little help with ideating for LinkedIn - you need to check out our LinkedIn Post Generator. We promise it makes life easy.
 AI LinkedIn Content Generator ReachifyMe allows users to generate performing LinkedIn posts instantly

Listen closely, because the secret's about to drop. Read on.

Here’s the secret on how to create engaging content for LinkedIn - after analysing hundreds of viral posts.

1.Pay attention to what your LinkedIn audience loves

Thought leaders on LinkedIn who have a large following and hundreds of likes, comments, and shares on their posts can do so because they devote a significant amount of time to researching, experimenting, and testing various forms of content.

Pay close attention to the kind of LinkedIn posts that get the best engagement in your niche and on your own profile.

Figure out what “sells” these posts to the readers and try to recreate the same formula in upcoming posts.

Once you get the hang of it, you’ll become habituated to tailoring your content to what your audience loves reading.

2. Ask Questions to Your LinkedIn Followers

Through your content, ASK your audience for their opinion. Let them know you value their “two cents”. Reading a LinkedIn post is often like falling down the rabbit hole. Once we find something interesting, we often tend to go on and read what others think on the subject in the comments section.

Simply asking readers for their help, opinion or support can increase likes, comments, shares, reposts - hence, catch more eyeballs!

Look at this simple trivia question we asked on a recent post that got us 2X more comments than usual -

A visual representation of how a clear CTA should look like in a LinkedIn post format to drive engagement

3. Offer Incentives to Your LinkedIn Followers

If you’ve got a heap of knowledge to share with your audience, the best way to go about it is to share a snippet. Here’s an example:

“This cold email template helped me land 30+ job interviews.

I’ve got 6 similar ones to share. DM me to get access to the templates”

Here’s an example -

 A clear and engaging incentive in a LinkedIn post caption helps increase response and drives engagement

4. Pair it up with a Photo

Posts with pictures perform 3X better than posts with plain texts.

Amp up your text-based posts with relevant images. Images catch attention way before our eyes can actually read the text. This means photos give a reason for people to stop and pay attention.

An AI-generated professional headshot of an Indian girl in a suit
See the engagement this simple headshot (which is also AI generated btw) gained! A picture can give your post the add boost it needs.

5. Provide value-added commentary in the LinkedIn Caption

Follow trends and don’t be afraid to share your personalised opinion on these trends. Audiences that relate to your content and audience will always find your take on trending topics engaging. This is also a sure shot way to grab the attention of others outside your target audience.

Understanding your audience is a love language. It takes some experimenting but once you master it, content creation for your niche becomes a breeze.

Do you need help in starting your journey as a LinkedIn content creator? You’ve got to give our LinkedIn content generation AI tool a try - let it do it give you all the inspirational LinkedIn content ideas you need to grow your profile.

1. How to create a good LinkedIn post?
An engaging LinkedIn post has a great hook, provides value to the reader, invokes an emotion in the reader and urges the user to comment, save or share. You can also use ReachifyMe’s LinkedIn Content Generator to create top-performing posts.
2. How to find out what LinkedIn content performs well?
Study your audience and determine what works best for your account. You should also closely monitor how other influencers in your niche are talking and engaging with their audience.
3. How to create viral content on LinkedIn?
You can create viral LinkedIn posts by creating content that connects and drives people to comment, share or save. If you want to learn how to create viral content, subscribe to ReachifyMe’s The Personal Branding Playbook and uncover industry secrets.
4. Can I use ReachifyMe to create my LinkedIn posts?
Yes, ReachifyMe allows you to create and schedule LinkedIn posts for free. It allows you to choose your specific industries and curates posts based on the latest trending news.
5. How can creating my LinkedIn posts with ReachifyMe benefit me?
Creating posts using ReachifyMe’s LinkedIn content generator ensures your posts have all the elements it needs to perform well. From generating ideas to editing the tone - casual, formal and more and even generating a hook, ReachifyMe does it all.
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