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A LinkedIn Post Generator Better than GPT

updated on 27 Feb 2024

Do you use Chat GPT for creating LinkedIn posts?

Creating performing posts for LinkedIn daily is real struggle.

Crafting engaging, brand-specific posts that resonate with your audience can feel like scaling Mount Everest in flip-flops.

You aimlessly research industry trends, and brainstorm like a caffeine-fueled hurricane, and yet... the well of truly original ideas seems to run dry fast.

Enter the saviour, you think: GPT, the AI language wizard, will effortlessly turn your LinkedIn dreams into reality.

But hold on, friend. While GPT is undoubtedly a marvel, its magic has limitations. The content it produces can feel... well, generic like a pre-made suit – tailored, yes, but lacking the personal touch that makes you stand out.

Your audience deserves better. They deserve content that reflects your unique brand voice, tackles industry challenges with fresh perspectives, and sparks genuine conversations.

So, what's the answer? You’ve got to ditch the generic ChatGPT posts.

ReachifyMe’s LinkedIn Post Generator is Better than GPT

We're talking about personalized content strategies, industry-specific insights, and the ability to craft posts that speak directly to your target audience, their needs, and their language.

Your LinkedIn post generator needs to be better than average GPT content. If you’ve tried our LinkedIn Post Generator, you’d know what kind of better we’re talking about.

Here’s a detailed overview of why ReachifyMe is better than ChatGPT

We have compared their strengths, weaknesses, and unique features to help you understand what makes ReachifyMe the better option for creating viral content for your personal brand.

#1: ChatGPT curates generic content

You must have seen posts that start with “embracing the power of…”, “unlock the secret to….”

Thousands of people on LinkedIn use ChatGPT to keep up their posting schedule. In the sea of content, most posts created by ChatGPT stand out like a sore thumb on our LinkedIn feeds.

Infact, a study says that posts generated by ChatGPT get 30% lesser reach than average posts. The content is easy to spot and users are scrolling right past it.

ReachifyMe generates industry-specific posts curated for your profile.

You will never have to worry about your content being generic. ReachifyMe has a feature that lets you add your content/sector preferences. This means your content will never be generic. Once you’ve selected your preferences, ReachifyMe’s AI suggests and creates posts that have proven performance for topics creating a buzz in your industry.

Here’s how it changes things:

1. Unlike ChatGPT which creates a basic LinkedIn post depending on the prompt and topic you enter, ReachifyMe has in-built knowledge of sector-wise content that is guaranteed to perform for LinkedIn.

2. ReachifyMe not only suggests posts that your industry-specific audience will love, it also has an endless bucket of viral posts from your sector that give it an edge when creating new content.

what topics you want to talk about

#2: You have to prompt ChatGPT to research trending topics

Trends are like quicksilver, vanishing as quickly as they appear and it is hard for ChatGPT to keep track. Plus, quality matters. Feeding it just any trending post risks inputing misinformation or unoriginality, leaving your content bland or worse, harmful.

Then comes the customization challenge. Sure, ChatGPT can generate text, but turning it into a personalized, specific post requires grace. You need to inject your unique voice and brand while staying true to the trend's essence. And don't forget the time commitment! Manually gathering and feeding relevant posts, tweaking settings, and refining outputs takes effort.

ReachifyMe’s “Trending Topics” feature gives you an instant overview of what’s trending on LinkedIn

ReachifyMe also has an in-built prompt generator that is already trained to customize and curate content that caters to LinkedIn’s best practices.

ReachifyMe also has a massive repository of LinkedIn post ideas. You don’t need any detailed prompts to access ideas and posts that are the talk of the LinkedIn town.

One view, and you get access to endless idea - pick one and go viral.

trending-news and recommendation section

#3: ChatGPT does not format or schedule posts for your LinkedIn

The GPT is only useful for researching and writing content. You cannot use the tool to format your LinkedIn post, improve the format or even add bold and italic fonts to your posts.

Inputing prompts that deliver good results and then researching and editing the content it generates is a good 2 hours of work. You might as well spend 2 hours writing a post from scratch.

ReachifyMe allows you to format and schedule LinkedIn posts

Think of it as a professional content editor. The posts you create on ReachifyMe are automatically edited and formatted. This means the Post Generator will always create posts in a language and format that is likely to perform well on LinkedIn.

ReachifyMe also allows you to add bold and italic fonts to your text as well as decide the tone for the post - formal, excited, and more.

An added plus point is that you can generate and schedule your posts in one go. This means if you spend 1 hour every weekend, you’d be able to schedule posts for the entire week in one go. Think of all the time saved.

Instead of struggling with GPT and delivering an average outcome on your LinkedIn feed, you need to try an AI tool that’s specifically designed to create LinkedIn content and is trained to do it in a way that maximises performance.

We’ve been told that it’s unbelievable that the tool is free when it could easily become a paid one, so why don’t you make a free account today and see for yourself what the hype is about.
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