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Easy Tips to Improve Your LinkedIn Banner

updated on 26 Feb 2024
Most people make the mistake of thinking that the LinkedIn Banner is just another pretty picture.

They are wrong. If you think your LinkedIn profile all about your experience section, think again!

Pictures speak louder than words. The first thing people see isn't your job title, it is the visuals of your LinkedIn profile – your profile picture and, crucially, your banner image. It isn't just a random background; it's your silent billboard, shouting your brand to the world.

Imagine your banner as a powerful first impression, a chance to hook viewers even before they scroll down.

So, how do you transform this blank canvas into a career-boosting masterpiece? Read on as we dive into game-changing tips that'll have your banner turning heads (in a good way, of course!).

What is my LinkedIn banner?

The LinkedIn profile banner, also called the background photo, sits prominently at the top of your profile, serving as a visual extension of your professional identity. Much like a first impression, it can convey important information to everyone who visits your page.

Think of it as a digital billboard with prime real estate. Ideally, it should be visually appealing, relevant to your career goals, and aligned with your overall personal brand. You can use images, graphics, and even text to showcase your expertise, values, or achievements.

The Perfect size for LinkedIn Banners

For a flawless LinkedIn banner, choose an image specifically sized for the platform: 1584 x 396 pixels. This magic number guarantees top-notch resolution and a seamless fit across all devices, desktops and mobiles alike.

What should my LinkedIn banner contain?

Your LinkedIn banner serves as an excellent opportunity to showcase your talent, product, services and share a little bit about yourself with the reader before they dive into your profile.

An engaging and interesting LinkedIn banner contains -

1] High-resolution images
The graphics or photos you use in the banner need to be of excellent quality.

2] An introduction to what you do
It need not be text heavy, but the banner should clearly communicate your offerings. This can be professional details, one-liners about your product or service or a simple ‘Let’s connect!’

3] Highlight your skills
Your banner should spotlight your skills

3 LinkedIn Banner Examples You Can Use as Inspiration

1] A banner that summarises your expertise and offerings

 banner that summarises your expertise and offerings

Here’s why this banner works -

1. The banner gives a detailed overview of Nate Wiley’s career in just a single glance. His skills are highlighted instantly and you know who Nate is and what Nate does within minutes.

2. It is optimised for LinkedIn perfectly. From the design surrounding the profile picture to the placement of text, it has been designed thoughtfully

3. It clearly mentions calls-to-action that you can utilise to connect with or reach out to Nate.

2] A minimal banner that highlights your services

 minimal banner that highlights your services

Here’s why this banner works -

1. The banner has a smart design. The design communicates Vedika Bhaia’s offerings in a simple yet effective manner.

2. The banner mentions her career achievements - “200+ clients, 400k followers”. This is a segment that builds trust.

3. It also communicates her positive outlook - ‘0 failures, only lessons’. This personal touch to the banner gives the reader a look into Vedika’s professional beliefs.

4. The minimal design and copy communicate exactly what’s necessary without any fuss.

3] A banner that talks about your company and product

banner that talks about your company and product

Here’s why this banner works -

1. The design is welcoming. The image used in the banner makes Mitchell Weijerman look approachable.

2. Crisp and easy copy - the one-liner perfectly explains what Mitchell does at the Early Retirement Club.

3. A solid CTA - the banner has the link to Mitchell’s company’s website - the Early Retirement Club.

FAQs About LinkedIn Banners

1] How do I change my LinkedIn profile banner?

Click "Me" icon at the top, then "View Profile". Hover over your current banner and click the pencil icon. Choose "Change photo" and select your new image. Crop and adjust as needed, then click "Apply". Remember, your banner should be professional and reflect your personal brand!

2] What is the optimal size for a LinkedIn profile banner?

For a sharp LinkedIn profile banner, aim for 1584 x 396 pixels. This ensures quality on desktops and scales well for mobile. Keep the file size under 8MB and use PNG or JPEG format. Remember, mobile displays prioritize the center, so keep key info within the 1080 x 360 pixel mobile view.

3] What tools can I use to design my LinkedIn banner?

A great free tool to design your LinkedIn banner is Canva. Remember to choose a tool that aligns with your design skills and budget, and keep your banner professional and relevant to your field!
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