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updated on 15 Dec 2023
If you’ve tried generating LinkedIn posts on ChatGPT and faced disappointment, welcome to the team, my friend.

But if that made you think that AI cannot generate LinkedIn posts that catch eyes, you are wrong. Our 2500+ users will agree! You’ve just been trying your hand at the wrong LinkedIn post generator AI tools.

Your LinkedIn Profile is Your Micro-pitch.

We keep ranting about this. We’ve made a whole newsletter out of it. Your LinkedIn Profile REALLY IS a micro-pitch. This is probably the biggest truth about LinkedIn that most people end up ignoring today.

Looking for a job? Your recruiter will check your LinkedIn profile. Looking to hire candidates? You’re definitely going to stalk their LinkedIn profile. Heck, GenZ is out there finding dates on LinkedIn.

So if you’ve still got a profile picture from back when you just graduated and barely any information on your profile, you are missing out.

We’ve got an entire series on how you can elevate your profile step-by-step. Subscribe to our newsletter already!

What kind of content works best on LinkedIn?

We get asked this question a lot. Well, recently we’ve talked to 15+ personal branding strategists. Many of these folks help build CXOs remarkable LinkedIn personal brands out there. And their biggest advice?

Your content needs to be -

A] Hooking, gripping, exciting
B] Authentic -it should have a piece of you
C] It should add tremendous value

That’s about it. Even if your LinkedIn post fills a single one of this criteria, it’s performance it bound to be 45% better than the average LinkedIn post. And our LinkedIn content generator is designed to help you curate posts that have the viral element.

Here’s a latest review -

A Picture Can Improve your LinkedIn Post Performance by 55%

Tell us honestly. What post on your feed are going to make you stop scrolling? A lengthy, written paragraph or a smiling image of your benchmate from your IIT tuition classes or the startup founder you ran into in a cafe?

Yup. That’s what we thought. A human image, or even an infographic, are more likely to grab attention.

If you are not leveraging the power of pictures on LinkedIn while trying to build your profile, it’s probably why you’re lagging behind.

How Can I Improve My LinkedIn Reach?

Let us tell you a secret about the LinkedIn algorithm. There’s a reason it’s called ‘social’ media. The algorithm responds to how much, how frequently and how exactly do you use the platform.

That means that people who send connection requests, chat with new connections, react and comment to others posts and foster relationships on the platform are more likely to get higher reach on the algorithm. The algorithm wants to SEE you ‘socialising’.

Engagement is a two-way road. Plus, the more you comment and support other creators, people are more likely to support and hype up your work.

You need to treat every post created using ReachifyMe’s LinkedIn post generator as an opportunity to network.

Heard of the hashtag effect?

Do you make use of the correct hashtags? If you’ve switched on the ‘LinkedIn Creator Mode’ [like we’ve asked you to in our LinkedIn profile optimization guide] you’ll be able to see how you can select topics of expertise that show up as hashtags on your profile page.

When thoughtfully chosen, these tags have the potential to significantly boost your visibility and outreach as they bring your message onto center stage – where it belongs.

You can give content generated on the post generator an extra performance edge by using proper hashtags. Hashtag selection is also helpful to engage key influencers and decision-makers. Create the perfect combination of high-quality hashtags to facilitate access across a wider conversation and partnerships. P.S, we’d love to see your posts too. Mention #ReachifyMe at the end!

In this manner, you can make the maximum use of weaving your posts into the fabric of conversation threads in LinkedIn.

Your LinkedIn Posts Are Cinderella.

They will lose their magic if you don’t post at the perfect golden hour. We’ve shared some terrific secrets in our extensive guide on how you can determine the perfect LinkedIn Golden Hour.

Identifying that prime time is an art form. Consistency can do wonders for your post performance. Sticking to a regular posting schedule not only trains your network in how often you post content but also falls nicely into LinkedIn’s algorithmic biases.
So what numbers should you really pay attention to?
To maximize your LinkedIn content's impact, it's vital to delve into the analytics behind engagement metrics. These metrics serve as indicators of your post's performance and audience interaction—clues that tell you what's resonating with your professional community.
  • Impressions: How many times your posts are displayed.
  • Clicks: The tally of clicks on your content, company name, or logo.
  • Likes: A quick measure of content approval and popularity.
  • Comments: These reflect deeper engagement, indicating that your content is sparking conversation.
  • Shares: When your posts are shared, it not only extends your reach but signifies endorsement.
  • Follows: Gaining followers from a post points to long-term engagement and interest in your insights.
  • Clicks: The tally of clicks on your content, company name, or logo.
  • Engagement Rate: A crucial composite metric that combines likes, comments, and shares relative to your impressions, highlighting the extent of interaction.

How do I create a content strategy that works for me?

Here’s how we suggest ReachifyMe users to create a content plan that works for them using the linkedin post generator

1] You only need to take out 2 hours a week to generate and schedule content for the entire week. Yes, it’s that easy.

2] Use our LinkedIn idea generator tool to generate ideas that will work best for your niche.

3] Add relevant visuals when scheduling content. Selfies, group photos, even infographics or a random graph you’ve doodled using pen and paper also works.

4] Dedicate 30 minutes every day where you can reply to comments, engage with other posts and send out connection requests to build your profile.

5] Keep a close track of the performance of your post through Analytics. A post performed great? Pinpoint what worked for the post and aim to recreate that for other posts. Do more of what your audience loves.

This is all you need to do to kickstart your LinkedIn personal branding journey. Here are some other FAQs users are often curious about -

Frequently Asked Questions

Generate Engaging LinkedIn Posts with Our Handy Generator

What is a LinkedIn post generator?

A tool that uses AI to generate engaging content for LinkedIn posts.

How does the LinkedIn post generator work?

It analyzes trends and generates personalized content suggestions.

Why should I use a LinkedIn post generator?

To save time and create engaging posts that resonate with your audience.

Can I customize the generated content?

Yes, you have full control over the content and can make it unique to your brand.

Is the content SEO-friendly?

Yes, it is optimized for search engines.

Can I schedule posts directly from the generator?

Yes, you can easily connect your LinkedIn account and schedule the post.

Is the LinkedIn post generator free?

Yes, it is free to use with premium options available.

How can I get started?

Visit our website, enter your topic, and click "Generate" to start creating compelling content.
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