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How to Master LinkedIn SEO for Personal Branding

updated on 20 May 2024

Why bother with LinkedIn SEO?

Imagine this: you spend hours crafting the perfect LinkedIn profile, highlighting your skills and experience. You hit publish, feeling confident... but crickets.

No one seems to be finding you. Frustrating, right? The truth is, in today's digital landscape, having a great profile isn't enough. You need to optimise it for LinkedIn SEO, the magic sauce that gets your profile seen by the right people.

We once helped a marketing manager revamp her profile. By strategically incorporating relevant keywords and engaging with industry groups, her profile went from hidden gem to interview magnet within weeks. Now, she connects with potential employers and collaborators on a regular basis.

Intrigued? In this blog post, we'll crack the code on LinkedIn SEO for personal branding. We'll show you how to attract your target audience, establish yourself as an industry thought leader, and ultimately, land your dream job or collaboration. Buckle up, and get ready to take your LinkedIn profile from invisible to irresistible.

What does LinkedIn SEO mean?

If you are familiar with how regular SEO (Search-engine Optimisation) works, LinkedIn SEO works on the same core principles.

While search engines like Google and Bing rely on advanced algorithms to connect users with relevant information, social media platforms are also increasingly striving to achieve the same goal, even though they aren't strictly search engines.

Search-engine Optimisation means using and enriching your personal profile or company profile page with ‘keywords’ - words that your target audience (whether it is potential clients or recruiters) are most likely to search for.

In the simplest words - it helps you improve your discoverability on LinkedIn.

What are the benefits of LinkedIn SEO?

Optimising your personal or company profile for LinkedIn can prove to be really helpful to you as it can:

1. Reach more potential clients - By creating a strong LinkedIn profile, you become a trusted resource for people searching for your company, what you offer, or related industry terms. These searches could be coming from potential customers who already have an interest in what you can solve.

LinkedIn is a powerful tool to find and connect with these interested parties, guiding them towards becoming paying customers. This is important because LinkedIn users with buying intent tend to have more purchasing power and are more likely to convert compared to the average web audience. Additionally, LinkedIn's vast network size increases your chances of reaching your target market.

2. Turn up on recruiters’ feeds - By taking advantage of LinkedIn's powerful search tools, job seekers can create profiles that attract the attention of recruiters looking to fill specific roles. This can be achieved by following the recommended profile optimisation strategies.

How does LinkedIn SEO work?

Understanding how LinkedIn ranks profiles in search results can give you a significant advantage. Essentially, LinkedIn tailors search results to each user based on various factors.

Here's what influences your search ranking on LinkedIn:

1. Your activity on LinkedIn: Who you follow, what posts you engage with, and how you connect with others all play a role.

2. Your profile's popularity: Does your profile attract clicks and engagement from other users? The more the merrier, as far as search ranking goes.

3. Search trends: LinkedIn considers what similar users have found valuable in past searches to inform future results.

4. Keywords in your profile: Make sure your profile name reflects the skills or experience you want to be found for.

5. The size and strength of your network: Having a large network, especially one relevant to your field, can boost your visibility.

6. The quality of interactions on your profile: Meaningful discussions and genuine engagement go a long way in improving your ranking.

Now that you understand these ranking factors, we'll explore how to optimize your profile for better search results.

LinkedIn SEO for your Profile

Imagine you're meeting a recruiter or potential client for coffee. They're excited to chat with someone who can really understand their needs and speak their industry language. What words would they throw around to describe their ideal candidate? That's the secret sauce to optimizing your LinkedIn profile!

Instead of just listing your job title, think more broadly about how people discover professionals like you.

What are the terms and industry jargon that constantly pop up in conversations or online searches?

LinkedIn is actually really helpful here - what phrases does it even suggest when you start typing in keywords related to your field? Once you've cracked this keyword code, you can weave them throughout your profile description, experience sections, and even your headline.

This SEO sprinkle will make your profile a magnet for the right opportunities, turning your LinkedIn into a powerful networking and career tool. Here’s a simple example -


Here’s how you can improve your profile or company page’s SEO:

Add Relevant Keywords to your ‘About’ section

The ‘About’ section offers you around 2,600 characters to weave a captivating narrative about what makes you or your company stand out. For individuals, this is your chance to share your career journey and the unique path that led you to where you are today. This is also the prime space where you can add relevant keywords.

Remember, potential connections might use a variety of search terms to find you. Don't just focus on "customer success" – consider incorporating synonyms like "customer experience" and "customer service" as well. This strategic use of keywords will expand your reach and attract the right people to your profile

Add Relevant Keywords to your profile ‘Headline’

Think of it as a 120-character mini-bio! Fill it with keywords that showcase your job title, industry, and your area of expertise. This way, recruiters and potential collaborators searching for those specific terms will easily find your profile.

But remember, it's not just for robots! Use clear, concise language that's also engaging. This will entice visitors to click and learn more about your skills and experience.

Add ‘Action Words’ to the Experience Section

Your Experience Section is a space that you can fill to the brim with keywords effortlessly.

If you have only added the names of your previous employers, you need to change that now.

Your Experience Section should contain detailed description of the roles you held throughout your career. This makes it easy to add relevant keywords of your roles, responsibilities and achievements and improves your profile’s SEO.

FAQS about LinkedIn SEO

1] What are the most important keywords to target on my LinkedIn profile?

The most important keywords are those that reflect your ideal job title, industry, and specific skills. Research terms people use to find professionals like you and include them in your headline, summary, experience section, and skills list.

2] How can I optimize my LinkedIn profile URL?

LinkedIn allows you to create a custom URL that replaces the generic string of numbers with your name. This makes your profile easier to find in search engines and share on other platforms.

3] Should I use hashtags in my LinkedIn posts?

Yes! Hashtags help categorize your content and make it discoverable by people searching for those specific terms. Use a mix of popular and niche hashtags relevant to your industry and target audience.

4] I don't have a lot of experience yet. Can I still benefit from LinkedIn SEO?

Absolutely! Highlight relevant coursework, volunteer work, or personal projects that showcase your skills. You can also leverage the "Skills" section to demonstrate your knowledge and get endorsements from connections..

5] Are there any tools that can help me with LinkedIn SEO?

Several online tools can help you identify relevant keywords and track your profile's search ranking. Additionally, LinkedIn itself offers analytics to understand how your content performs and who's viewing your profile.
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