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LinkedIn Content Planning Using a Post Generator

updated on 06 Apr 2024
Ever stare at that blinking cursor on LinkedIn, willing a brilliant post into existence?

Yeah, us too. Daily content creation is a noble goal, but between writer's block and busy lifestyles, it's easy to skip posting instead of writing every day.

But here's the thing: a consistent LinkedIn presence is gold. It positions you as a thought leader, sparks conversations, and connects you with potential clients or employers.

So how do we bridge the gap between empty drafts and a thriving LinkedIn profile?

A solid content plan is your answer. So how do you go about it?

Read on to find out how you can use ReachifyMe’s LinkedIn post generator to create a comprehensive LinkedIn content strategy for your LinkedIn profile.

How to create a framework for your LinkedIn content plan?

Don’t panic at the sight of the word ‘framework’. Your framework can be as simple as 3-4 industry topics you want to preach about on LinkedIn.

Select 3-4 industries/topics of choice that you’d love to write and talk about. It can be related to your field of work or expertise, or it can be generic.

Just make sure that you as well as your followers will love what content you choose to talk about.

Defining a content framework for your LinkedIn profile is as simple as listing down key areas of choice.

Ask yourself - what would I love to talk about on LinkedIn? Make a list.

Here’s an example of a LinkedIn content framework-

“I’d love to talk about…..”

1. Startups
2. Funding
3. Investing in Startups
4. Business Ideas
5. Marketing

Once you have figured out your content pillars, you simply need to login to your ReachifyMe account (it’s absolutely free) and select your topics of choice.

ReachifyMe’s AI will optimise according to your choice of sectors/subjects - and suggest post ideas as well as provide you with ready-made LinkedIn posts in areas you’ve opted for.

You can always add or delete subjects of interest later!

How do you use the Post Generator to execute your ideas?

Selecting and narrowing down your ideas of choice was honestly the hardest step of all.

The rest is easy with ReachifyMe’s LinkedIn post generator and scheduling tools.

It's like having a content brainstorming buddy in your pocket. You select the idea to provide the spark – an industry trend, a client challenge, a recent win – and ReachifyMe helps turn it into an engaging post.

Plus, you can schedule your content in advance, freeing up your time for that actual networking you crave.

Try the Idea Generator now!


Using the LinkedIn Post Generator

It’s now time to craft a post you love. Use the Idea Generator to generate a list of ideas on topics you wish to write about.

Found an idea you love? Perfect!

ReachifyMe doesn't just give you ideas, it creates them! Our AI can whip up high-quality posts on any topic, keeping you ahead of the curve. Plus, access a curated list of trending LinkedIn ideas so you can jump on the latest buzz.

Shortlist 5-6 ideas for a week’s worth of content. And hit create!


Using the LinkedIn Post Editor

ReachifyMe's content editor helps you tailor your generated posts to the ideal length for LinkedIn.

Plus, you can make keywords pop with bold, italics, and more. It's like having your personal editing assistant!

Use the Hook generator to craft striking and engaging headlines for every post - and use our CTA generator to ensure every post has a solid call-to-action. Talk about guaranteed engagement.

Save all the posts you generate and edit in the “Drafts” section.

All set? It’s time to Connect your LinkedIn and Schedule these posts now.

Using the LinkedIn Scheduling Tool

Before, using ReachifyMe’s scheduling tool, make sure you connect your LinkedIn profile, otherwise your drafts will remain just drafts.

ReachifyMe’s in-built scheduling tool allows you to schedule your saved drafts according to when you want to post.

Select the post, select your choice of date and time and simply schedule.

This is how simple it is to prep and schedule a week’s worth of content - and the best part is that it takes less than 2 hours. You can also refer to this guide to figure out the best times to post on LinkedIn

So, when are you starting? Build your content framework now and sign up on ReachifyMe to start content planning like a pro .


FAQs About Content Planning Using the Post Generator

1] How do I select what topics to talk about on LinkedIn?

It's all about showing your strengths and interests. Think about the industry buzzwords and skills you want to be known for. Are you a data whiz? A social media guru? Pick topics that highlight those and spark conversations with people in your field. It's a great way to make connections and position yourself as an expert!

2] How many ideas can I generate with ReachifyMe’s idea generator?

ReachifyMe's idea generator is designed to help you brainstorm a vast number of ideas, so you won't run out of inspiration! It is essentially limitless. With it, you can keep coming up with new content to captivate your audience.

3] How do I connect my LinkedIn to ReachifyMe?

To connect your LinkedIn and unlock the AI magic, just head over to ReachifyMe's website. Once there, you'll find clear instructions for linking your profile. It's a breeze, and soon you'll be creating thumb-stopping content for your network.

4] How many drafts can I create and schedule at once on ReachifyMe?

You can generate posts and save as many drafts as you want using ReachifyMe. You can use our in-built tool to schedule these posts and post according to your content plan.
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