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7 Steps to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

updated on 21 Nov 2023

Your LinkedIn profile is a micro pitch.

In the Shark Tank of LinkedIn users, your profile screams your USP. Here’s why it’s extremely important to optimise your profile -
  • Your LinkedIn profile serves as your initial introduction. It's not just about keeping it up-to-date, but also staying in tune with the latest trends and platform updates.
  • A polished LinkedIn profile increases your visibility and enhances your chances of being spotted by potential clients.
  • You'll receive more connection requests, expanding your network.
  • Top-notch recruiters will locate you faster, presenting exciting opportunities.
  • A well-maintained profile strengthens your personal brand, boosting your reputation - you can use AI tools like ReachifyMe to get started (plug-in but it’s worth it, we promise)!
  • By showcasing a professional and relevant profile, you establish yourself as a thought leader, bolstering the credibility of your outreach messages.
  • For those in sales and business, LinkedIn can be a goldmine for generating leads and rapidly growing your enterprise.

Here’s a quick checklist to optimise your LinkedIn profile

1. Put on those “Creator” shoes.

In layman’s terms - turn on the Creator Mode LinkedIn introduced Creator Mode to help professionals who are big on content creation to amplify their reach and post impressions. You’ll get access to new features, including:
  • A "Featured" section that showcases your most popular and engaging content.
  • A "Follow" button that makes it easy for others to follow your content.
  • Creator-specific analytics and insights that allow you to track your engagement and reach.
  • Customisable headlines and a call-to-action button to drive traffic to your website or other social media profiles.
  • Hashtags describing the topics you frequently discuss.

2. Your LinkedIn Banner Should Scream YOU

You can create free LinkedIn Banners by yourself or use any tool like Canva and AI content generation tools to create a banner in minutes. Use a few words and focus on the visual impact. Your LinkedIn content should be all about your value proposition. Throw in a CTA, too!
For example, you can include some of the following in your LinkedIn header:
  • Mention your offerings — your product or a list of your services.
  • Talk about your value proposition briefly—be as specific as you ca
  • Showcase the results you’ve generated for your business or the company you work with.
  • Write your or your company’s vision, tagline, or mission statemen
  • Put up a quote that relates to the work you do.
Take a look at this banner - it clearly communicates the who, what and why of the profile and also has a CTA!

3. Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile Headline

Remember when we said your LinkedIn profile is a micropitch? Well, think of your profile headline as the opening statement.

The optimal LinkedIn headline is on point and shows what you do and what you can do for people. You have 220 characters to get very precise about who you are and what you offer - get creative.

4. Write A Helpful Profile Summary

A helpful description includes :
  • A compelling overview of who you are
  • What you can do for potential clients
  • Whether you're open to new opportunities or not
  • If you are a salesperson: contact information such as an email or phone number
  • A clear call to action

5. Post Relevant Content & Grow Your Network

While this is not going to directly influence your LinkedIn profile appearance it raises the chance of getting noticed by potential clients. Get more visibility by posting content regularly - this is also the recipe to viral posts. To grow your LinkedIn network, you have to find out what content works for you - and that is a journey of trial and error.

(But if you’re facing hiccups with content creation - we’ve got you. Give ReachifyMe LinkedIn content generator a try!)

6. Fill Your Skills Section

You can add up to 25 different skills to your profile. Again: Include your most important SEO keywords here. Then, request Endorsements from the relevant connections.

7. Word-of-mouth Builds Credibility

Ask your work friends for those recommendations. If you see a profile that is packed full of real and positive recommendations about the person and their work, this adds massive trust.
While we’re at it, let us also remind you to use a dapper profile picture and don’t ghost LinkedIn! You should ideally keep updating your profile every 2-3 weeks!

Like what you read? Give our seamless LinkedIn content generation AI platform a try and transform your LinkedIn experience - it’s a promise!

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